A Houston jury returned a verdict finding that Titeflex Corporation was entitled to indemnity from GHX Industrial, LLC for damages arising from a 2007 industrial accident in Pasadena, Texas.  A group of eighteen plaintiffs sued Titeflex, GHX and the owner of a plant where an industrial hose ruptured releasing silicon tetrafluoride.  The defendants settled all of the plaintiffs’ claims leaving only Titeflex’s indemnity claims against GHX, as well as claims by the plant owner against GHX.  Titeflex originally manufactured and sold the hose to GHX.  GHX then sold the hose to the plant owner and installed an additional component onto the hose prior to the accident.

PHMY was brought into the case in December 2011 to assist with pre-trial motions ahead of a January 2012 trial setting.  GHX then filed a petition for writ of mandamus with the Houston [First] Court of Appeals seeking to sever the cross-claims from the plaintiffs’ claims.  PHMY’s David Montpas was responsible for drafting the response to the petition which the court of appeals subsequently dismissed.

David, working with Melanie Bean and Beau Miller, of Houston’s Bean & Bean, provided further support for Titeflex including drafting pre-trial motions, trial briefs, the motion for directed verdict, as well as handling the jury charge.  Following the jury’s verdict, the parties agreed to allow the trial court to determine the final amount of Titeflex’s damages.

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