San Antonio based  Inmate Calling Solutions, LLC (ICS) is a leading provider of inmate telephone services at jails across the United States, including for the Bexar County jail.  ICS has provided phone service for the Bexar County Jail for eleven years.  In 2019, Bexar County issued a bid proposal for a new five-year contract to provide inmate telephone services.  Bids were reviewed and scored by a panel of Bexar County officials.  The panel scored ICS as the highest bidder and recommended to the Bexar County Commissioners Court that ICS be awarded the contract.  The Commissioners Court, however, voted to proceed with the bidder who scored only third highest.  Prichard Young filed suit on behalf of ICS against Bexar County and the Commissioners Court alleging the court exceeded their statutory authority by awarding the contract to a bidder that violated the terms of the county’s bid which included a prohibition on lobbying.  The day after a hearing on ICS’s request for a temporary restraining order, the County agreed to rebid the contract.  ICS was represented by David Prichard and David Montpas along with Johnathan Bailey of Bailey & Bailey