Prichard Young was part of a team of lawyers that successfully stopped an effort to attack a $25 million judgment five years after all appeals had been exhausted and the judgment had been collected.  In 2012, a South Texas rancher secured a judgment in Harris County against Forest Oil for over $25 million concerning contamination of a ranch.  Forest Oil unsuccessfully appealed that judgment.  After the Texas Supreme Court affirmed the judgment in 2017, the rancher collected the judgment.  Four years later, Forest Oil’s successor, Sabine Oil, sought to attack the judgment alleging it was procured by fraud.  The trial court granted the rancher’s motion to dismiss the case and entered a final judgment in his favor.  David Prichard and David Montpas of Prichard Young represented the rancher along with Warren Harris and Stephani Michel of Bracewell LLP in Houston and Bill Parrish of Stradling Yocca Carlson & Rauth in Austin.  Sabine Oil was represented by Geoffrey L. Harrison, Johnny W. Carter, and Richard W. Hess of Susman Godfrey L.L.P. in Houston.

Sabine Oil & Gas Corporation v. James Argyle McAllen et al, Cause No. 2021-54019, in the 55 District Court, Harris County, Texas.